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Living the Christian Life: Now Available

Buy Now for $9.99 What does it really mean to live the Christian life? Lindell Selvey eloquently expounds upon the life, character, and actions of the Christ-like child of God. Topics include: God, Attributes of God, Heaven, Hell, Sin, Salvation, Prayer, The Church, Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, Discipleship, Women in the Church, The Bride of Christ, The Home, Divorce and Remarriage, Stewardship, Key Words for Christian Conduct, God’s Gender Order for Mankind, Discipline.

About the Author:

Lindell Selvey was born in 1934 in Conway County, Arkansas, near the foot of Petit Jean Mountain and was raised there until the family moved to the flat farming country near Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He was saved and baptized as a teenager at First Missionary Baptist Church of Sherrill, Arkansas. In April 1967, he surrendered to preach at the age of thirty-three. He was ordained in September 1967 at his home church, First Missionary Baptist Church of Sherrill at which time he was called to pastor a little country church in the mountains near Casa, Arkansas, Welcome Home Missionary Baptist Church. In late 1968, he was called to pastor Redfield Missionary Baptist Church in Redfield, Arkansas, where he pastored for four years. In 1972, he was called to pastor Okeechobee Missionary Baptist Church in Okeechobee, Florida where he pastored for twenty years. In 1993, he accepted a call to pastor Bethel II Baptist Church in Rison, Arkansas, where he pastored for seven years. In 2000, he was called back to pastor Okeechobee Missionary Baptist Church and remained as pastor until retiring due to illness in 2012. He pastored these ABA Missionary Baptist Churches that he loved so dearly for forty-five dedicated years. He is known as a grass-roots preacher and is also known as being Biblically sound in doctrinal teaching. In April 2017, Lindell Selvey celebrated 50 years of ministry.

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