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The Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary of the Whole Bible 

Version 1.2

The Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary of the Whole Bible was originally published as a 23-volume set by Albert Garner (principal author) along with J. C. Howes, G.F. Crumley, and Eugene Garner in 1985. The Blessed Hope Foundation has released this digital edition into the public domain and has been converted to e-Sword format by the editor of the Baptist Training Center (Danny Jones) via e-Sword Tooltip Tool NT.

Interpretations are written in the language of the common man, designed especially for Bible teachers, Sunday School teachers, laymen and ministers who desire to know the meaning or find an explanation on any particular passage.
All interpretations are based on:
1. the root meaning of the words
2. the subject matter considered
3. the contextual setting of the subject matter and time element considered.

The authors of this commentary are conservative, independent, landmark, missionary Baptists.

What's New in Version 1.2 

  • Adds Missing Commentary for Matthew chapters 15-28.

  • Corrects and updates tooltipped verses

  • Other minor error corrections

Installation Instructions:

For Mac and Apple devices: Download the file onto your device. Click the file to install.

For PC: copy the downloaded file into the e-Sword installation folder. Normally this is: C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword

Or you can download the module installer by clicking here.

For Android devices:


Step 1: On your android device, download the proper installation file on this page, or you can click here to download.

Step 2: Open e-Sword for Android and then tap the three line menu icon to open e-Sword for Android's menu.
Step 3: Find the "Import" feature on the menu and tap it to open the android downloads folder and located the module named "garner12.cmti" If you can't find the downloaded file, check your "myfiles/downloads" folder.

Step 4: Tap the file to import it into e-Sword for Android. Once you are done importing the files close menu
Step 5: To find the imported module, tap the commentary option (cmt) at the bottom of e-Sword for Android and the list of installed bible modules will appear including your newly imported module. 


Download the file onto your device. Click the file to install into MySword.

Alternatively, you can copy the file into the MySword/Commentaries directory.

Download Garner Commentary for:

e-Sword PC

(e-sword 9.x or above)

Download Garner Commentary for:

e-Sword X, HD & LT

(for Apple Devices)

Download Garner Commentary for:
e-Sword for Android
(Android Devices)

Download Garner Commentary for:


(Android Devices)

works only with MySword

Version 11.1 and higher

Download Garner Commentary for:

The Word 

Bible Study Software

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